Everyone wants desperately that the Switch Pro is real

If you pay attention to rumors, the legendary Nintendo Switch Pro is a lot of things. One of these things being real, of course. We see rumors and leaks on this magic system for some time in 2018, and there is still no existing. Indeed, Nintendo has two tacit superpowers: they are talented to shut up when the rumor begins to boil and are incredible to disappoint fans. What I m saying is that this mystical, perfect and hypothetical console will not be what you hope.

So, what does this Super Switch claimed for that? A mini-LED screen, the ability to play 4K games and a new controller design. I mean, probably. So far, the sources of these solid forecasts such as ROC are international analysts and retailers. The first group, analysts, only make assumptions and are paid to write about it. Oh, do you think the biggest game company on land will create another console? Damn, how much chicken blood did you need to get that from Oracle? What older God whispered this secret in your ear? How can I get this incredible power ???

As for the second group, it is actually important to be the first of the block with the pre-orders, do you see. Companies will prepare reserved spaces, something that can be posted in the blink of an eye once the product actually exists. Unfortunately, this work is usually left to people who are not paid enough to do so correctly. This is how you get the Wal-Mart s pre-order jamboree! Do you remember when Wally World organized his own E3, weeks before the event itself? Do you also remember how many of these games were not real? Unless there was a Splinter Cell out that I do not know.

Last but not least, the Nintendo factor. It is a kind of society known to divert expectations. Sometimes in common sense, sometimes not so much! Everyone eats the song, sure the switch 2 will whip all kinds of buttocks. Have we all forgotten the second Wii? What about the Improved Nintendo 64? Or the Famicom disk system? In the best case, we get a slightly better console that is almost worth it, like the N3DS. In the worst case, this thing divides their base of installation in two in exchange for moderately better graphics. And all this assumes that the bloody console is real, what I repeat, we have no evidence. Perhaps should we stop treating each leak as the last donut of the rest room.

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