Seoanes Leverkusen Cocktail which Bavaria is not allowed to taste

Jonathan Tah reached a sentence in the past week, which Bayer Leverkusen wants to embody this season: Even if we got even more younger players, we have become a team of adults.

The previous results do not speak against this realization, as well as table space two. Nevertheless, games like against Bayern Munich (Sontag, 15.30, live! At past week) once again provide a very different experience, especially for young professionals. Gerardo Seoane, the coach, arranges this for its players like this: Such top games are immensely important for a development – both the individual player and the entire team. In top plays, as with international encounters, a different tension is noticeable, the attention is bigger, the media report more.

Everyone who does not want to stay stand can take something from such duels.

Gerardo Seoane

The Leverkusen trainer is convinced that his team will face this task: There you collect other emphasis. It sounds a bit crowded, but it is also a lot of truth in it: you are growing to his duties. YOU COMPLETE As the elderly, but anyone who does not want to stop can take something from such duels.

Seoane: In this game you have to grow beyond

Whether young, whether older – the coach emphasizes, whereupon it is important for each player individually and the entire team: Bavaria have little weak spot players and as a team. This increases the difficulty of the company. You can not make many mistakes in these games And do not allow big breaks. What he asks, sounds simple, but will be the basis for making the Sunday successfully: In this game you have to grow out about yourself. Individually, but especially as a team. Many ways in the field will be necessary to go to the field Example time and again to double, especially in the crucial rooms. Not to forget: battle strength, compactness, aggressiveness and the right balance.

From these ingredients, the cocktail should be mixed, which can not taste the Bayern. In any case, the afternoon will bring a first location determination for how far the new coach and his team are on the way back to the top four of the league.