Players in GTA online loses race on the last meters can not believe his bad luck

A racing driver Ingta online wanted to go home to the safe victory when he suddenly crazy bad luck. The community describes it like the blue prongerpanzer from Mario Kart. The video of the accident is hotly discussed.

This makes the clip especially: In the video you can see a stunt race in the last round. The front five places struggle hard around the guidance, remoping and crashen. With all the chaos, the creator of the clip manages to enter and take the lead.

After a looping, which leads with a jump to the right road to the target straight, the driver s mischief. Because there the slowest player parks with his car on the side.

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Like the blue tank at Mario Kart

So fies the player flees: In the clip you can see how the player shown fights from 6th place forward. After the jump through the looping you can see only at the last moment before the landing that something is in the way.

The latter player is located exactly in the middle of the route with his car. He lies so that he is difficult for drivers who come in the middle of the looping is difficult. The Clip Creator Zonzolto points to Reddit, as that went out for him.

He landed on the parked car, crashed from there to the right and groomed, after a few rollings and screws, finally from the racetrack. The respawns lasted so long that he finished the race on the 8th place.

What does the community say? On Reddit, the clip is great. In 17 hours he already collected over 13,000 upvotes and nearly 400 comments. The comments feel the rider s bad luck and describe the clip as pain .

Other write:

As if you get the blue tank at Mario Kart at the finish line … aaaaaaargh, writes buttachop187
The world of GTA stunts is brutal, says Noahloy
These races really annoy me. All the time does some idiot turn me. It feels like it is motivated to ram other players before they ram find Chervolet dr

Other questions Zonzolto, whether his monitor had survived this incident. The explains Yes, the monitor already. But another controller had to leave us .

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But if such a log is like here in the clip on the track, then you need a fast luck to a fast car.