Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon Frontline

Ubisoft (anciennement Ubi Soft Entertainment) est une entreprise française de développement, d édition et de distribution de jeux vidéo, créée en mars 1986 par les cinq frères Guillemot, originaires de Carentoir dans le Morbihan, en France.
Ubisoft est détenteur de nombreuses franchises à succès telles que Rayman, The Lapins Crétins, Prince of Persia, Assassin s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Just Dance et Tom Clancy.
La société s est diversifiée en transposant ses franchises de jeux vidéo dans les domaines de la bande dessinée depuis 2009 avec Les Deux Royaumes et du cinéma et de la télévision depuis 2011 avec sa filiale Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

When Ubisoft announced a new Battle Royale with Ghost Recon Frontline, the community was not too enthusiastic. Finally, the company recently introduced another free-to-play shooter and the Ghost recon series has nothing to do for many players with Battle Royale. So the announcement video on YouTube also has almost 2,000 likes and almost entire 8,000 dislikes.

According to its own statements, Ubisoft tested the new title already with some pro players, other players should be able to try Frontline today, on October 14 by means of a closed beta. Now Ubisoft has moved back this beta phase, as the team needs more time to deliver the best possible experience .

Ghost Recon Frontline is developed by Ubisoft Bucharest, which also worked on Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Wildland briefly received its own Battle-Royale mode shortly before the release of Breakpoint, so developers have at least a little experience in the area.

Ghost Recon Frontline throws you with over 100 other players in an arena in which you get some secret information and then make yourself out of dust. Other game modes, such as classic nine-counter-nine domination matches, it will also exist.

As in the singleplayer offshoots of the series, you are not put to you alone in Frontline, but works in teams consisting of three players. In Battle-Royale mode of Wildland, players had to shoot themselves alone through the map.

Neither the actual publication nor any beta tests to Ghost Recon Frontline have so far a publication date, but the title should be published for PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Cross-Generative CrossSplay is also supported directly for publication.

From Daniel Link
14.10.2021 at 17:46