Switch Pro is actually a new Nintendo

The rumor mill to a Switch Pro console with 4K feature bubbling merrily on. A few weeks ago it was announced that allegedly 11 development teams are already in possession of a switch Pro-DevKits . But Nintendo has denied that the rumors about a Nintendo Switch 4K resolution is something to it.

As a well-known Nintendo insiders now reveals the denial from Nintendo could agree on the form. Because in the 4K DevKits it should not involve the hitherto presumed Nintendo Switch Pro, but another console.

Nintendo ushers in next generation

YouTube Nate the Hate speaks in a video on the facts. Accordingly, it is said to have actually given a 4K console DevKits, but it should not be a Switch Pro in the process. Rather, these are already at the next Nintendo console generation:

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The new console will use to represent the 4K resolution, the DLSS technology from NVIDIA . This is consistent with the rumors that began circulating in early 2,021th

What s DLSS? DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling and should allow for better graphics performance with the same hardware. Nvidia originally developed the technology for their PC graphics cards, a use in Switch Pro would be quite a surprise.

Unfortunately, Nate the Hate does not know at what price the new console will be sold and in which reference Nintendo set the console. Although Nate speaks of a new generation of consoles, he does not know whether it could be a switch 2 or a revision of the previous console here.

Switch 2 or revision? In our reports, we can interpret the statements made by Nintendo so that the Switch Pro will not come anymore, but rather a switch 2 .

4K console could come next year

The new 4K console is likely to support the old switch games, even if the upgrade of the installed silicon could be a challenge. In addition, there will be mainly new exclusive title, in which the proportion of games will increase from third parties. The developers inside will focus more on the new console as the old technology in the future, the Nintendo insiders.

When will the new console appear? The DevKits be distributed since the end of 2020 to the developer, for several months even to smaller development teams. Thus, estimates of the Nintendo Insider that the console will probably appear between the fourth quarter of 2022 and the first quarter 2,023th

Is there any truth to the rumors? Nate the Hate is a prominent and well-connected insiders, when it comes to Nintendo. His predictions are very reliable, he said, for example, N64 games ahead for Nintendo Switch Online before the announcement. In the 4K console Nate is so sure he even speaks of tangible evidence.

Thus, we can assume that the 4K console could actually come. But as always we should enjoy these rumors with caution and wait until Nintendo decides to introduce the new generation of consoles.

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What would be your wishes to the Switch 2?