Exclusive distribution of World Tournament Apex Legends Global Series with a total of 5 million prize

World Tournament Using Electronic Arts Apex Legends to open from October 17 Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) , its exclusive delivery is Cyberz / Avex · Announcement / TV Asahi operation It was announced that it will be done at RAGE .

A total of $ 5 million (approximately 5.5 billion yen) of a prize will be delivered from the domestic qualifying to the World Congress, and it will be delivered by RAGE .

◆ A prize of 5 million dollars 5 million dollars Apex Legends Global Series is exclusively distributed in RAGE

ALGS is a team battle type Battle Royal Shooting game Apex Legends E-SPORTS tournament. Not only professionals but also amateur players and teams will be participating, and the total prize is $ 5 million (approximately 5.5 billion yen), which is the largest ever. In addition, this tournament has expanded beyond the PC for the first time, and the Xbox and PlayStation players will be able to participate, and we will hold our efforts through this year.

All five regions of the pruleage starting from October 17 (North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia-Pacific, North Asia-Pacific, South America) are directly invited from 20 teams and prison qualifying It consists of 20 teams, and 40 teams in each region can be divided into four groups of 10 teams each by the ALGS pre-convention and the player qualifying performance. The Prolegu Regular season consists of a five-week online tournament, and each team will play twice in the total battle, and you can earn when winning in the regular season, play-off competitors and $ 5 million prizes It is a pool. For more information, please check at the ALGS official site.

Welcome to the second year Do not miss Algs from the world.

■ Apex Legends Global Series held schedule

Pro League Split 1 Week 1 11: 50-
Pro League Split 1 Week 2 11: 50-
Pro League Split 1 Week 3 11: 50-
Pro League Split 1 Week 4 11: 50-
Pro League Split 1 Week 5 Day1 11: 50-
Pro League Split 1 Week 5 Day2 11: 50-
Playoff Split 1 Day 1 Time to be undecided
Playoff Split 1 day 2 time undecided
Playoff Split 1 Finals Time of time

■ Pro League Split 1 Week 1 distribution channel

YouTube: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = SGMC9KMFAHS
Twitch: https: //www.twitch.tv/esports rage

■ North Asia-Pacific invitation team

Crazy Raccoon
Orthros fang
Sengoku Gaming
Donuts usg
FA korea
RXR Clover
Good 8 squad
Fav gaming

In addition, the Twitter campaign to commemorate the opening of Apex Legends Global Series Pro League Year 2 is conducted from October 14 today, so the Apex Legends fan is a lock check.

◆ Apex Legends Global Series Pro League Twitter Campaign

Apex Legends Global Series Championship NA Finals | ALGS

■ Campaign name

Apex Legends Global Series Pro League Year 2 Opening Commemoration! ! Follow & RT Campaign

■ Contents

AMAZON Gift Card 5,000 yen will be given to 10 people by lottery from those who follow three accounts and retweeted during the application period.

■ Application condition

@ esports rage, @ algs jp, @ Playapex Rage Following Twitter to follow and applying for the target tweets.

■ Prize

Amazon Gift Card 5,000 yen × 10 people

■ Application Period

October 14, 202 (Thu) 12:00 to October 17, 2021 (Sun) 23:59

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