Far Cry 6 USB Stick Locations This is My Jam Trophies

USB sticks are one of the collectibles that you can find in Far Cry 6. Scattered in Yara there are 15 of these small appliances sitting on desks, bunkers and outdoors. Unfortunately you will not appear on the map like a number of other collectibles in Far Cry 6. So if you do not know where to look for, you will probably not find many of them in their playback.

However, you can use Far Cry Credits, the premium currency of the game, to buy a map that shows all on your map of Yara in the section Utilities of the Ingame Shop over the menu. If you all find, you also receive the that s My Jam Trophy and the success.

So if you have full of keeping it look for these little data sticks, let us help. Here are all locations for Far Cry 6 USB sticks in Yara.

Far Cry 6 USB stick storage locations

Isla Santuario USB sticks
Madrugada USB sticks
Valle de Oro USB sticks

The East USB sticks

Isla Santuario USB sticks

USB stick 1: Hitboy

The only USB stick on Isla Santuario is located in the south on the Plantation Viviro Neuve.

On the plantation you can see a warehouse. The USB stick sits here on the desk.

Madrugada USB sticks

USB stick 2: Tamarind pulp

This USB stick is located on the Peninsula Cortina in the province of Costa del Mar.

It sits on a table in the center of the enemy base, against a piece of corrugated iron.

USB stick 3: sentimiento original

This USB stick is located in the north of Madrugda. It is located in the province of Aguas Lindas.

The stick is located on a garbage container behind the house next to the hiding place.

USB stick no. 4: power abuse

The fourth USB stick in the game is located on the FDA AirBase Olimpia in the north of the region, in the province of Aguas Lindas.

It can be found on the roof of the radio tower at the antenna.

USB stick no. 5: What a BAM BAM

The next USB stick can be found in the city of Vedera in Lozanía Province.

It is located in the utmost west and is located on a table next to a range of windows on the corner one of the main houses.

Valle de Oro USB sticks

USB stick 6: Ay Lola La Figura

This USB stick can be found by completing the treasure hunt And The Beat Goes on in the Province of Cruz del Salvador.

At the end of the treasure hunt you encounter a mixer with plugged USB stick.

USB stick 7: Educate Ya

The next USB stick is located northwest of the city of Feroza in the west of the provincial region Balaceras.

It is located in the small building at the reception.

USB stick 8: Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)

The eighth USB stick is located in the Barriitor region in the Valle de Oro. It is located east of Okú s Creek Checkpoint south of Valle de Acosta.

You will find it in a garbage container in the corner of the courtyard in front of the building.

USB stick no. 9: Dinero

The next USB stick is located in the extreme east of the Valle de Oro region, in the south of Villa Orquídea.

It is located on the roof of the building at this point.

The East USB sticks

USB stick no. 10: La Bella Ciao de Libertad

This USB stick is located in the province of La Joya in El Este at the Turgenev Comms Post.

Walk the ladder down to the communication post and take the first road to the right to find the USB stick in a room.

USB stick no. 11: The paths of life

The second USB stick in El Este is located in Conuco at Casa Riviera.

You will find it on a balcony of one of the houses next to an easel.

USB stick no. 12: I have learned it

This USB stick is located in the southern part of El Este on the East Coast, in the city of Maldito.

It is in a small hut on the coast.

USB stick no. 13: Life has changed me

This USB stick is located on the west coast in the south of the region, in the Sureño shipyards.

It stands in the small office at the entrance to the shipyard.

USB stick 14: PXSSY POWAH!

This USB stick is located in Esperanza in Mercurio Mecánico hiding place.

It is located on the top level of hiding and sitting on a bench.

Gaming on a USB Stick!

USB stick 15: Here we come together

This last USB stick is located in Esperanza, on the eastern side, in the Barrio Antiguo.

Go down the archway in the street and go up all stairs to the roof. Enter the storage room on the roof to find the USB stick.

This covers all USB stick storage locations in Far Cry 6. Further help and tips can be found in our complete solution for Far Cry 6.