Total gaming figures monthly income real name and much more in October 2021

With the unprecedented success of Free Fire in India, many YouTube users have deposited a large number of followers on many platforms. Ajjubhai is a popular person, whose large scale subscribers and View Count are 28.5 million and 4.90 billion respectively.

In addition to the free fire, he also creates content such as Minecraft and GTA 5. At the moment, there are more than 3 million followers on the Instagram Account of Ajubhai.

Ajjubhai s Free Fire ID, Real Name and Statistics

Ajjubhai s Free Fire ID is 451012596, and his real name is Ajay. Here are their statistics from today, October 1, 2021:

lifetime statistics

Ajjubhai has participated in 12329 squad games in Free Fire and retained the percentage of 24.13%, at the top of 2975 occasions. In these matches, he has achieved success in achieving 47014 kgs, ensuring the K / D ratio of 5.03.

Meanwhile, they have played an 1800 pair match and remained unbeaten in them, which is in line with the win rate of 19.50%. He collected 7186 killings in the K / D ratio of 4.9 6.

There are 972 single matches in the name of the material manufacturer and it has won 90, resulting in the ratio of winning is 9.25%. The player has 2507 kilos for 2.84 K / D ratio.

Ranked Statistics

In the current season, Ajjubhai has participated in 244 squad matches and has secured 48 victories while retaining 19.67%. With 1216 murders, Total Gaming has maintained death-death ratio 6.20.

Apart from this, total gaming, alias Ajjubhai has appeared in 11 pair games, in which 53 enemies have been killed in the K / D ratio of 4.82.

Finally, he has played a single single match. They gained victory and made 32 pieces.

Ajjubhai s monthly earnings

The estimated monthly income of Ajjubhai on its main channel – Total gaming is between $ 56.1K and $ 897.3k. (Source: Social Blade)

Youtube channel

In the last few years, Ajjubhai has regularly made the material around free fire, huge numbers are raised. There are 1577 videos on their channels and the most viewed videos have got 42 million views.

As previously said, he has 2.85 million customers and there are 4.90 billion views. Out of these, Total Gaming has achieved 800 thousand subscribers and 224.32 million views in the last 30 days.

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Note: In this article, Ajjubhai statistics were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change because YouTuber plays more free fire match .

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