Can Free Fire Max Player Can Play With Existing Players After Update Server Matchking Details Explained

Given that free Fire Max will be playable today in a few hours, at this time there is an important question in the mind of many readers: What Free Fire Max Players can play with existing players. OB30 Update?

The answer is a delightful yeah. After the OB30 update is completed, the player can actually play with existing players, and the advanced version of the game becomes live worldwide.

Free Fire Max Description: Firelink technology, matchmaking, and much more

1) Firelink Technology

Thanks to the Firelink Technology, the player can enjoy seamless matches in different versions of the game. Playing on Free Fire Max and Free Fire can actually play together on all game modes, which only has the difference graphical enhancements.

In addition to being able to play together, the players who switch to free Fire Max from Free Fire will also be able to pursue all their items and progress without any hassle. Until the same account is being used, the players will have access to them in both applications.

Instead of creating a new account to play the new version of the game, all players will have to log in with their existing accounts and enjoy all the features of Free Fire Max.

2) Matchmaking Details

So far, it is not clear how the matchmaking will be affected after the server s live. Since the firelink technique will be able to play players from two different applications on the same server, therefore there is a chance that things may be wrong.

Given that maintenance time is close to nine hours, it may be that most potential issues have already been noted. Nonetheless, players should prepare themselves for the possibility of server problems in the game.

In addition to being able to play with players on both game applications, Free Fire Max players can also get their own dedicated server for the game. At the moment it is to be confirmed.

3) Game Updates

It goes without saying that both the game applications will have different updates dates. Since most players will still be free fire games, therefore will continue according to the regular update plan.

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On FlipSide, seeing that Free Fire Max is new, developers can wait some time before rolling out the official update. In addition to the first official update, the player can estimate the hotfix and patch to fix minor issues after the game is live.

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