Free Fire OB30 Leak Patch Note All weaponial balance was explained

Garena Free Fire, also called Free Fire, is a battle royale game, created by Garena as well as published by Garena for Android and also iphone. It became one of the most downloaded mobile game worldwide in 2019. The game obtained the award for the Best Popular Vote Game by the Google Play Shop in 2019. Since May 2020, Free Fire has established a document with
over 80 million everyday active customers around the world.
Since November 2019, Free Fire has actually made over $1 billion worldwide.Free Fire Max, an improved version of Free Fire, is presently now in growth. The first pre-registration of Free Fire Max is now open for MENA area.

Free Fire Gamers OB30 Updates are eagerly waiting, which is expected to be released tomorrow. Advance Server for OB30 updates introduced a lot of features that players can not wait to try in-game.

Patch notes for free Fire OB30 updates have been leaked online and it has brought some crazy features that are fully prepared to present in Battle Royal Game. It talks about articles that weapons can expect the player.

Weapon Balance in Free Fire OB30 Updates

According to leaked patch notes, here are the weapons whose players can expect free fire:


The SPAS-12 limit has increased by 10%.


The base of the knife has been increased to 50%.
Fire rate has also been increased by 20%.


The maximum loss of grenades has been decreased by 25%.


The range of P90 has increased by 10%.


Armor of armor has been increased by 8%.


An increase of 8% in the repetition of the gun.


Welcome Back Experience : Fire Emblem Heroes
During the scope-in, the gun which is capable of damage the minimum increase in it has increased by 25%.


There will be significant changes in the vector in the upcoming OB30 update of Free Fire. The features have been mentioned below:

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Released time of gun decreases 20%.
The rate of fire has decreased by 5%.
Ammunition gets less than 5.
The rate of fire in Akimo has decreased by 20%.
Speed ​​speed in Akimo decreases 4%.

The Treatment Sniper, West Thickner and West HP Booster will be introduced in Battle Royal matches. Treatment sniper s health power is 50.

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